Face Treatments

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Face Treatments

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The miracle of the famous!

Hyaluronic acid designed through CO2!

The Coolifting treatment generates an immediate lifting effect that smoothes the skin, eliminates superficial wrinkles and reduces deep wrinkles; followed by a lasting rejuvenating effect in just 5 minutes.

By stimulating collagen and elastin there is an incredible improvement in skin texture and quality.ra e qualidade da pele.

Unique facial rejuvenation system. The famous "Beauty Gun".

It acts mechanically in the circulatory systems (venous and lymphatic) regulating the water balance, the circulation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. Technique that applies suction on the skin of the part of the body / face to be treated, with sliding towards the lymphatic circulation. As the lymphatic system does not have its own pumping force, the vacuum therapy makes a constant and dynamic drainage. Effectively acts at the level of cellulite, localized fat, in modeling and muscle toning, while improving blood circulation. For the face is an excellent anti-wrinkle
This is a technique of exfoliation (non-invasive) that, through the contact of
diamond microparticles, causes removal of the superficial layer of the epidermis leaving the skin soft and fresh. It has excellent results in cleaning and rejuvenation, lifting for tired skin, eliminating superficial spots, wrinkles and stretch marks. It also combats roughness, peeling, dryness, lack of gloss and elasticity.
Radio frequency
It has the particularity of generating heat by selectively reaching the deep layers of the skin through electromagnetic radiation without damaging the surface of the skin. It is a treatment indicated to combat deep wrinkles and sagging.
Face Treatments


Deep Facial Cleansing
6560 a 90 mins aprox
Deep cleansing of the skin with extraction of impurities. It is ideal for any skin type. All products are suitable for the condition and skin type.
Deep Hydration
6060 mins
It is ideal for remineralizing and deeply moisturizing the complexion exposed to difficult weather conditions and high sun exposure. Ideal for all types of skin especially dry and dehydrated.
By Payot
Anti-Aging Signature Treatment
Restructuring anti-aging treatment that simultaneously combats the aggressions caused by free radicals, exposure to the sun, environmental pollution and biological aging. Treatment specially designed for the care of mature skin with products chosen carefully for the care of your skin.
Purifying Treatment
6060 mins
It has a decongestant, balancing and protective effect for oily, mixed and reactive skin.
Flash Exfoliation
3530 mins
This is a basic care of your face that will help detoxify and remineralize your skin.
Eye Contour Treatment
6060 mins
Reaffirming therapy, rich in antioxidants. It is designed to make the signs of tiredness disappear. The stimulating set of functional biological ingredients will help fight the signs of aging and give a youthful look to tired eyes.
Treatment for Sensitive and Reactive Skin
6060 mins
Specific for sensitive skin. Moisturizes the skin in depth, reinforcing and restoring its efficiency and self-defense ability.
Treatment for Oily and Combination Skins
6060 mins
Specific for oily or mixed skins. Helps the skin find its natural balance while preventing the secretion of oiliness and bacterial proliferation, giving the skin a healthy and clean look.