Body Treatments


Body Treatments

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This method is based on the application of laser energy that disintegrates fat cells. Having the radiofrequency method with laser incorporated, allows to reach deeper layers of the dermis. It is an optimal treatment for localized fat and, fundamentally, for firming and toning.
It brings together four fundamental technologies in body modeling: radiofrequency, infrared, suction and mechanical pressure. The combination of infrared and radiofrequency increases intracellular oxygenation by warming the skin. The suction system and mechanical pressure rollers smooth and stimulate the skin to facilitate safe and efficient energy channeling. This is a deeply draining treatment, great for reducing localized fat layers and shaping the contours of the body.
Externally applied low and medium frequency currents will
involuntary muscle contraction. This technique makes the application of impulses with
electrodes at the sites to stimulate allowed to work the muscles without any
voluntary effort. Great for toning and slimming.
noninvasive lipo
This treatment is based on a physical phenomenon that offers measurable reduction results in body contours and cellulite treatments as early as the first sessions. The body, because it is not completely elastic, offers resistance to the movement of waves (ultrasound). This resistance transforms into thermal energy which, in turn, causes internal overheating, generating hydrogen microbubbles in adipose tissue. The adipose cell has a very fragile membrane that fragments under the pressure exerted by microbubbles (which increase and eventually implode), converting the fat into a liquid that is eliminated through the lymphatic system and urinary tracts. Cavitation is a therapy that allows you to reduce from 3 to 11cm per session by removing excess fat cells.
This treatment acts mechanically in the circulatory systems (venous and lymphatic) regulating the water balance, the circulation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. This technique applies suction on the skin (body / face) by sliding the mechanism in the direction of lymphatic circulation. Since the lymphatic system does not have a pumping element (such as the blood system) the vacuum therapy allows constant and dynamic drainage. It works effectively at the level of cellulite and localized fat, in modeling and muscle toning, while improving blood circulation. For the face, it is an excellent anti-wrinkle.
This equipment is composed of a compartmentalized fact, connected to a computerized device that controls the pumping. With the aid of a compressor, air is blown into the various chambers that compose this fact, at a pressure adjusted to each person. This technique then makes lymphatic drainage assisting in the elimination of the toxic substances of the organism and restores the sensation of lightness and well-being. It is especially indicated in cases of swollen legs, heavy legs and / or varicose veins, as well as cases of cellulite and fluid retention.
Radio frequency
This treatment has the particularity of generating heat, selectively reaching the deep layers of the skin without damaging it, through electromagnetic radiation. It is one of the most indicated treatments against flaccidity, cellulite and localized fat.

Hand Treatments

Take care of your body
Lymphatic drainage
6060 mins
Massage with specific pressure technique throughout the lymphatic system, very effective in reducing edema due to fluid retention in the body. Ideal for pregnant women as well as for people with problems associated with swollen and tired legs. It is also indicated as an adjunct to anti-cellulite and slimming care.


Anticellulite Massage
It consists of a vigorous massage with specific movements and using a thermal cream to promote the elimination of cellulite. When done regularly, it stimulates the elimination of toxins by improving lymphatic circulation, reduces the orange peel effect, promotes skin elasticity and speeds up tissue regeneration.
4560 mins
This treatment is indicated to combat localized fat and flaccidity. It consists of cooling a certain area of the body so that there is vasoconstriction and reduction of body temperature, causing the adipose cells to stir to warm the cooled area. This helps in dissolving lipids and fighting cellulite. It is also the ideal treatment for sufferers of problems associated with swollen and tired legs
4560 mins
Localized application of heat speeds up the body's chemical reactions - This induces a feeling of relaxation and overall well-being, due to vasodilation and increased blood supply to the brain. This treatment also burns fat and cellulite and treats muscle strains.